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Feb 01 2006

The Language of Extra!

Reflections on fairness and accuracy

Reflections on fairness and accuracyA major focus of my research is the way language can be used to oppress or empower, and I have applied this perspective to media discourse in my writing for Extra! magazine. This has given me an opportunity to reflect on what it means—for media critics as well as for those we scrutinize—to be precise, independent, reasonable and evenhanded. By examining the work of fellow writers for Extra! over the past 20 years and in learning from my own assignments, I have altered both my own approach to criticism and my definitions of key terms. My […]

Apr 03 2002

PBS’s "Commanding" Conflict of Interest

Enron & other corporate giants sponsored new globalization series

Enron & other corporate giants sponsored new globalization seriesIn the latest example of PBS‘s inconsistently applied underwriting guidelines, the network is premiering a six-hour series about the global economy which was sponsored by major corporations– including Enron– that have a clear interest in the show’s content. Titled Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, the series is based on the eponymous book by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw. It has already received a rave review from the Wall Street Journal (3/28/02) under the headline “PBS Likes Capitalism More Than the Commercial Networks Do,” in which it hailed the series […]

Feb 01 2002

Extra! February 2002

Articles in the print edition “Calm” Violence, “Quiet” Killing: NPR’s Middle East myopia by Jim Naureckas New York Times Buries Story of Airstrikes on Civilians by Rachel Coen

Sep 15 2000

Activists Take to the Streets to Take Back the Airwaves

Citizens spotlight anti-democratic NAB-- "the WTO of broadcasting"

Citizens spotlight anti-democratic NAB– “the WTO of broadcasting”Media activists, artists and scholars from across the country will gather in San Francisco Sept. 20-23 for a historic demonstration against corporate control of the public airwaves. The non-violent actions and teach-ins are scheduled to coincide with the 2000 NAB Radio Show, a convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, the main lobbying arm of the broadcast industry and one of the most powerful influences on Capitol Hill. Endorsed by a broad slate of media, labor and human rights groups, including FAIR, the demonstrations will call attention to the massive consolidation in the […]

Jun 22 2000

Nader Left Out of News Websites

Contact: Rachel Coen, (212) 633-6700 x318 Media Advisory:NADER LEFT OUT OF NEWS WEBSITES According to recent political polls, the Green Party’s Ralph Nader is now the leading third party candidate for president. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at the websites of most mainstream news outlets. In a Gallup poll released June 9, for example, Ralph Nader ranked third among possible presidential candidates, with 6 percent, vs. 2 percent for Buchanan; Nader edged ahead of Buchanan 4 percent to 2 percent in a May 31 Zogby Reuters poll, and led 5 percent to 4 percent in an April 29 […]

Jun 13 2000

New Study: Center/Right Think Tanks Dominate News

Contact: Rachel Coen, (212) 633-6700 x318 **PLEASE NOTE CORRECTED VERSION OF EARLIER 6/13/00 RELEASE: Due to an error in calculation, some of the percentages in the release you received earlier today are incorrect. Below is a corrected version. We apologize for the error.** Media rely more on think tanks for “expert” sources than they did just two years ago, and continue to feature conservative and centrist think tanks at the expense of left-leaning ones, a new study has found. The joint study–conducted by sociologist Michael Dolny for Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) and the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)–found […]

Feb 22 2000

FAIR’s Correspondence with ABC RE: John Stossel Organics Report

Dear David Westin: We are writing to express concern about the accuracy of John Stossel’s February 4 20/20 report, “The Food You Eat.” FAIR received numerous emails and phone calls questioning the veracity and objectivity of the report. After a preliminary investigation, we have some serious questions of our own about how the segment was produced. The chief critic of organic foods in the report is Dennis Avery, identified as “a former research analyst for the Agriculture Department.” But Avery’s current and more relevant work is as director of the Center for Global Food Issues for the Hudson Institute, which […]

Feb 07 2000

For ABC’s John Stossel, Workers’ Safety Is Regulatory Excess

Contact: Rachel Coen, (212) 633-6700 x318 MEDIA ADVISORY: For ABC‘s John Stossel, Workers’ Safety Is Regulatory Excess On January 4th, the Washington Post broke a story that soon appeared in countless media outlets: The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) had released a letter in mid-November outlining some guidelines for an employer concerned with providing a safe workplace for employees working at home. Labor Secretary Alexis Herman decided to withdraw the letter on January 5, citing “widespread confusion” about what it actually meant. One reporter who went further than most in confusing the issue was ABC‘s John Stossel. An unabashed […]