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Oct 1 2011

Remote-Controlled Reporting on Remote-Controlled War

With Pakistan drone strikes, official story is media’s story


The New York Times (12/4/09) calls the American drone program “one of Washington’s worst-kept secrets.” This is particularly true for people in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan that border Afghanistan, where the low humming sound which gives them their local name—machay, meaning wasps—is very familiar. Since the drone program in Pakistan began in 2004, between 1,650 and 2,880 people have been killed in as many as 295 drone attacks (New America Foundation, 8/11/11; Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 8/10/11)—with the number increasing drastically in 2009, after President Obama took office. In his first year in office alone, there […]

Aug 1 2011

‘Humanitarian War’ in Libya-or the Regular Kind?

Factchecking the case for bombing

Most wars–initiated by the United States or otherwise–require an official rationale. The stated reason for going to war needn’t be the real reason, and it can change over the course of the conflict, as the Iraq War ably demonstrated. As the Iraq War also proved, the media rarely apply much skepticism to the rationale given, or look for additional or alternative motivating factors. NATO’s war in Libya is no exception. The Libya War is an “allied air war to protect civilians,” as USA Today put it (5/23/11), in language pervasive in corporate media coverage. The notion that civilians were being […]