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Jan 12 2015

Extra! January/February 2015

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  SoundBites Gender Focus Hillary Clinton and the Feminism of Exclusion Media don’t ask which women she crusades for by Rania Khalek Cover Story At AP, Black Lives Don’t Matter Police feelings mean more than the death of Eric Garner by Jim Naureckas Media and the ‘Melting Pot’ Putting a harmonious spin on gentrification by Aaron Cantú Spinning Tuition Hikes as a Clash of Politicians California’s privatization drive escapes scrutiny by Caroline Kao CounterSpin ‘Obama Is Trying to Get Congress to Give Him a Blank Check’ Lori Wallach on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Sep 02 2014

Extra! September 2014


Articles Available Only to Subscribers: SoundBites Letters to the Editor Remembrance Casey Kasem: Top Foe of Media Bias Gender Focus Missing a Killer’s Connections Misogynistic murders also fueled by racism-and a hateful online community by Rania Khalek CounterSpin Interview ‘A Chain of Desperation’ Laura Carlsen on the crisis of refugee children At Elite Media, ‘Scientific’ Racists Fit in Fine Nicholas Wade’s NYT science writing thrilled white supremacists by Steve Rendall Computer Error ‘Turing test’ press release fools media into thinking it’s news by Neil deMause

Jun 02 2014

Extra! June 2014

Extra! cover, June 2014

Articles Available Only to Subscribers: SoundBites Letters Gender Focus Why Muslim Feminists Aren’t Celebrating Hirsi Ali Islamophobia is not a defense of women’s rights by Rania Khalek Schools ‘Failing’—but for Which Students? Missing the issue of charters’ selective enrollment by Molly Knefel Capital Punishment A book that takes on inequality rallies friends of the 1 Percent by Peter Hart Cover Story Advertising, Death Anxiety and Speculative Black Holes Media’s obsession with the missing Malaysian plane by Yosef Brody  

Apr 01 2014

Extra! April 2014

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Articles Available Only to Subscribers: SoundBites Letters GENDER FOCUS The War on Poor Women of Color Abortion coverage slump matches class & ethnic shift by Rania Khalek Sunday Morning Snow Job Beltway talk shows’ flaky climate coverage by Miranda C. Spencer Leading Papers’ Sources Tilt Toward TPP Sparse, slanted coverage of corporate-friendly deal by Steve Rendall and Melanie Nakashian Good Protesters—and the Bad Kind When Molotov cocktails are just a ‘boy’s adventure’ by Peter Hart On Homeland, Islam Means Terror TV’s one major Muslim character is a secret Al-Qaeda agent by Arun Kundnani

Sep 13 2013

Rania Khalek on Syria, Peter Ludlow on Barrett Brown


The confusing debate over Syria and on-again, off-again U.S. military strikes leaves out a lot—like the work of non-violent activists inside the country. Journalist Rania Khalek joins us to talk about that—and some of what they have to say about the debate over U.S. bombing.

Also on CounterSpin today, writer and activist Barrett Brown faces decades in prison for linking to a WikiLeaks page. Why is he being targeted by the federal government, and what does it say that a federal judge imposed a gag order on Brown, again, a journalist? We’ll talk to Peter Ludlow, who has been following Brown’s case for the Nation magazine.

Jun 01 2013

For U.S. Media, Rape Culture Is There, Not Here

Delhi has 'alarming' power structure, Steubenville 'promising' young men

Delhi has ‘alarming’ power structure, Steubenville ‘promising’ young menThe brutal gang rape of a university student in Delhi last December out-raged the establishment media, which were quick to paint India as a nation plagued by deep-seated sexism and misogyny. The New York Times opined (12/29/12) that the rape reflected “an alarming trend in India” of “tolerat[ing] shocking abuse of women” who are “shamed into silence and callously disregarded by a male-dominated power structure” and therefore “never go to the authorities to seek justice.” The Times went on to lament that “women are routinely blamed for inciting the violence against them,” […]

May 30 2013

Extra! June 2013

Extra! June 2013

Gender Focus: For U.S. Media, Rape Culture Is There, Not Here Delhi has ‘alarming’ power structure, Steubenville ‘promising’ young men by Rania Khalek ‘Terror Returns’–Along With Media Fixations Boston bombings revived fear of ‘Islamic rage’ by Peter Hart ‘Such Is Life’ Coverage of Another Blast’s Dead When corporations kill, media turn fatalistic by Janine Jackson Working Poor Shorted in Minimum Wage Coverage Those most affected by the debate weren’t part of it by Sean Cox & Steve Rendall  

Jan 01 2013

Hating the Oppressed in Gaza

Victims become villains in U.S. coverage

BBC journalist Jihad Masharawi's 11-month-old son Omar died after shrapnel hit the family home in Gaza; the BBC did not devote a story to Masharawi's loss until 10 days later (Photo source: AP)

Victims become villains in U.S. coverageMalcolm X once said, “If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Nowhere is this warning more relevant than in the corporate media’s one-sided coverage of Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, which left 160 Palestinians dead, including 105 civilians and 34 children (Palestine Centre for Human Rights). In stark contrast, rockets fired into Israel claimed the lives of four Israeli civilians and two soldiers. One civilian death is one too many, no matter which side suffers, but a kill […]