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Sep 1 2013

Primetime Racism on Fox

Hannity’s long history of boosting bigots


Hannity also acts as a sort of one-man fire brigade, rushing to extinguish accusations of anti-black racism, and defending, exonerating or rehabilitating the racists behind the words and deeds.

May 23 2008

Rob Richie on primary coverage, Forrest Hylton on FARC laptops


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Voting was almost over in Kentucky’s Democratic primary. CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer told viewers Hillary Clinton would soon find out if she was getting “another monster win,” though, apparently Barack Obama was expected to “claim he’s won a majority of the pledged delegates.” So… which matters more, the delegates or that “monster win”? If you’re following the election through day to day coverage like this, you might be genuinely confused. Our guest says the way media have approached this primary contest has been pretty seriously misleading about the way our electoral process actually works. We’ll […]

Jan 25 2008

Glen Ford on Obama-Clinton, Rob Richie on electoral process


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: media long ago declared the Democratic race for the White House was a two-person race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The campaigns have been squaring off in recent days—on some important issues, and some decidedly less so. This has led some pundits to lament that race and gender have been “introduced” into this campaign. We’ll hear what Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has to say about this. Also on CounterSpin today, media election coverage can certainly be dispiriting, leaving you to wonder if this is really democracy in action? But one of […]

Nov 1 2003

An Aggressive Conservative vs. a ‘Liberal to be Determined’

The false balance of Hannity & Colmes

Hannity & Colmes, Fox News Channel‘s primetime debate show, figures prominently in the cable network’s campaign to market its right leaning programming as “fair & balanced,” the network’s ever-present slogan. Fox News executives argue that the show, pitting conservative Sean Hannity against liberal Alan Colmes with guests from both right and left, presents a spirited and evenhanded nightly debate. Fox News president Roger Ailes is clearly riled by those who suggest the show has a slant to it (New York Times, 6/24/01): “I get attacked for putting Sean Hannity on because he’s a conservative–even when Alan Colmes, the liberal, is […]

Jan 1 2002

Covering the Horserace, Not the Track

The press shortchanges electoral reform

In November 2000, thousands of journalists and the attention of the nation converged on Florida during the chaotic ballot recount to decide the presidential election. The horserace had come to a photo finish, and every element of that fuzzy snapshot was scrutinized, including the muddy track on which the race was run. Of course Florida’s problems with voting were nothing new, and some states had even worse conditions. A study by MIT and Caltech, in fact, estimated that as many as 6 million Americans did not cast votes in the presidential race in 2000 because of faulty machines and registration […]

Apr 12 2000

The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force On Fair Debates

A blueprint for fair and open presidential debates in 2000

I. Introduction The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force on Fair Debates is a project of the Appleseed Electoral Reform Project at American University Washington College of Law. The Appleseed Project addresses the rising dominance of private wealth and corporate soft money in our elections and the corresponding decline in the quantity and quality of political participation by citizens. The Project engages in advocacy and scholarship on a broad range of electoral reform issues. Launched in 1999 by the Appleseed Foundation, a national non-profit public interest law organization, the Task Force is an independent and non-partisan group of distinguished citizens that has […]

Jul 1 1993

Lani Guinier: ‘Quota Queen’ or Misquoted Queen?

In the media smear campaign against Lani Guinier, Clinton’s nominee as assistant attorney general for civil rights, her views were not only distorted, but in many cases presented as the exact opposite of her actual beliefs. One of the most prominent themes of the attack on Guinier was her supposed support for electoral districts shaped to ensure a black majority – a process known as “race-conscious districting.” An entire op-ed in the New York Times — which appeared on the day her nomination was withdrawn (6/3/93) — was based on the premise that Guinier was in favor of “segregating black […]