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Aug 30 2012

2010 FAIR Sustainers

Your generous donations have topped the goal for our year-end fundraising! We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming show of support. In 2011 we’ll keep fighting corporate media misinformation…thanks to you! If your name was missed, or if you wish to be removed from the list, please contact FAIR Watchdog $1000+ Matt Clark Warren Habib Francis Hagan Michael Protzel FAIR Gadfly $500-999 Judith Belzer & Michael Pollan The Bungie Foundation Xan Gregg Stephen Hillyer Roger Myers Kathleen Naureckas Chris Orr Peter Sills David Suisman Peter Thompson FAIR Advocate $250-499 Joani Blank Jonathan Breslau Alan Carlson Mary Cleveland Thomas Cramp […]

Jul 1 1996

Heritage of Extremism

Some of the think tank’s leading figures—past & present

Paul Weyrich (cc photo: Chip Berlet/Wikimedia)

When we started out, Heritage was routinely referred to as an “ultra-conservative,” “far right” or “extreme right wing” organization. Today our ideas—which are based on the same philosophical principles as they were two decades ago—are considered mainstream. —Heritage Foundation Annual Report, 1993 Paul Weyrich: Co-founder and first Heritage president, Weyrich was a long-time associate of the John Birch Society. Weyrich left Heritage in 1974 to found the Free Congress Foundation, an activist group that still works closely with Heritage. Convicted Nazi war criminal Lazlo Pasztor works out of FCF’s Washington office, maintaining links to Eastern European organizations with roots in […]

Jun 28 1994

Limbaugh Responds to FAIR

Responding to FAIR's charges printed by major print media outlets

“Reign of Error: From AIDS to ozone, from Whitewater to the Bible, Limbaugh seems to be able to dissemble and disinform on virtually any subject.” — report from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), listing “dozens of [Limbaugh’s] statements and writings it says are inaccurate,” Associated Press, June 28, 1994. “Limbaugh’s Reign of Error” was printed in EXTRA!, the publication of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. “FAIR” was launched in the summer of 1987 with the financial assistance of The New World Foundation (NWF) which gave FAIR a $2,500 grant that year, according to NWF’s 1987-1988 annual report. The Chair […]

May 1 1990

CIA Chief Bush Suppresses the News

FAIR Exclusive

Documents obtained by FAIR, released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), show that George Bush, as head of the CIA in 1976, tried to bottle up a news story that exposed the apparent duplicity of another former CIA chief, Richard Helms. The story, broken on Oct. 1, 1976, by David Martin (now CBS Pentagon correspondent, then with Associated Press), revealed that Helms had given misleading testimony to the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of John Kennedy. Helms testified that the CIA had not “even contemplated” making contact with Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin. Through the FOIA, Martin obtained […]

Mar 1 1990

Extra! March/April 1990

Articles in the print edition The Press Slices Up the Peace Dividend by Robert Krinsky FAIR Meets With N.Y. Times Publisher Extra! Exclusive: CIA Chief Bush Suppresses the News by Robert Gardner CIA Guidelines on Contacts with Journalists Censored Story: CIA Links to the Savings & Loan Scandal Rooney Tunes Brokaw’s “Jaded Tour” by Dennis Perrin We Shall Overlook: Gay Talese’s New South Checkbook Media Criticism The Media and the Arthur Kill Spill by Peter McDonald Aquaintance Rape and the Media by Paula Kamen and Steve Rhodes Gore Vidal Speaks for FAIR Reporting the Scandals of Carter and Reagan by […]