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Aug 30 2012

Recommended Reading

Note: FAIR encourages readers to support their local independent booksellers. However, if books mentioned on our site are not available in your area, we offer the ability to purchase some books online in association with the book’s publisher, and Powell’s Books. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women By Susan Faludi (Crown, 1991) An in-depth, well-documented analysis of the media backlash against feminism. By Invitation Only: How the Media Limit Public DebateBy David Croteau and William Hoynes (Common Courage, 1994) Incorporates Croteau and Hoynes’ classic studies of Nightline, the NewsHour and PBS that document the establishment bias of "prestige" television. […]

Mar 1 2003

‘A Chapter From Tomorrow’s History Books’

In reporting on Secretary of State Colin Powell’s presentation on Iraq at the U.N. Security Council, many media outlets gave more credence to his allegations because Powell is considered by media insiders to be both supremely trustworthy and a reluctant warrior. As a USA Today headline put it (2/6/03), “Case Is Stronger When ‘Biggest Dove’ Makes It.” Or as Time magazine gushed (2/17/03): “Powell, we sometimes forget, is a phenomenon, a chapter from tomorrow’s history books walking right in front of us. It isn’t just the unique resume that demands respect; it’s also the presence and the personality–the unforced authenticity […]

Jul 1 1998

Extra! July/August 1998

Articles in the print edition ‘The 89 Percent Liberal Media’ In Search of the Liberal Media by Robert Parry The Right-Leaning Rolodex by Sam Husseini and Norman Solomon Where’s the Power: Newsroom or Boardroom? Dewey Defeats Truman Conservative Top 40 Limbaugh on the ‘Liberal Media’ Media: Liberal or Libertine? by Jeff Cohen

Jan 1 1996

Powell Media Mania

After months of intense media hype about Colin Powell, pundit Joe Klein carried the prevalent spin to its dizzying conclusion. “The key to the race” for the presidency in 1996, Klein wrote (Newsweek, 11/13/95), is that “ideas are not important. Stature is everything.” He added: “But if ideas don’t matter, what does? Civility does.” Mesmerized by Colin Powell’s “stature” and “civility,” and showing a remarkable disdain for “ideas,” the news media pumped up Powellmania. As early as 1994, Newsweek (10/10/94) was asking the question “Can Colin Powell Save America?” and declaring him “the most respected figure in American public life.” […]