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Clinton Worse Than Reagan, Nixon...Everyone

Clinton Worse Than Reagan "Clinton used his office to thwart an investigation sanctioned by his own attorney general.... Ronald Reagan waived all executive privilege...[and] turned over his documents and diaries...because he said he wanted the facts to come out." --Time news article (8/24/98), conveniently forgetting the cover stories and document-shredding of Iran-Contra. Clinton Worse Than Nixon "Clinton's behavior is truly Nixonian. And it is worse in one way. Nixon's actions, however neurotic and criminal, were motivated by and connected to the exercise of presidential power. He knew the place he occupied, and he was determined not to give it up […]


Scott Armstrong on the Media & Contragate

Oliver North

On media coverage of the Iran/Contra hearings: "Those media that reported the government’s lies as facts are obliged to assign someone to scrutinize the conflicting evidence and correct their previous misstatements."


Marie Trigona on Argentina media law, Peter Richardson on Ramparts


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Argentina just passed a media law that will severely curb the power of the country’s largest conglomerates by putting a majority of the country’s broadcast licenses in non-corporate hands. How did the law come about, and how is it expected to change Argentina’s media landscape. And what lessons might U.S. media activists take from Argentina’s example? We’ll talk with Marie Trigona, an independent journalist and filmmaker based in Argentina. Also on CounterSpin today: "A bomb in every issue" was how Time magazine described the 60's muckraking magazine Ramparts. It's also the title of a […]


Limbaughesque Science

'Eco-Realism' Vs. Eco-Reality

"Earth Day alarmists had it wrong," proclaimed conservative columnist Joseph Perkins of the San Diego Union in a pre-Earth Day commentary (5/1/95). Drawing on a New Yorker article (3/10/95) written by veteran Newsweek writer Gregg Easterbrook, Perkins takes to task liberals and "greenies" for "grossly overstating the prospects of global warming, the threat of species extinction and the health risk of pesticides." "We have heard similar alarmist rhetoric on Earth Day," wrote Perkins, a one-time aide to Dan Quayle. "The warnings of environmental calamity should be greeted with skepticism." Perkins is hardly alone in his use of Easterbrook's work to […]


Nursing a Grudge Over Giap

Vietnamese general’s obit recalls imperial grievances

General Vo Nguyen Giap

During the 1968 presidential campaign, Richard Nixon persuaded South Vietnam through back channels to withdraw from peace negotiations just as a breakthrough was imminent. Under a Nixon presidency, “they would get a much better deal,” he secretly promised through a campaign adviser (BBC, 3/22/13). With the peace process stymied, Nixon narrowly defeated Vice President Hubert Humphrey. He then expanded the conflict throughout the region via secret, illegal carpet bombings over Laos and Cambodia, overseen by National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. Nixon presided over four more years of war and the deaths of over 20,000 US soldiers—more than a third of […]


The Snowden Psychiatric Smear

Discrediting whistleblowers with the ‘narcissist’ label


Attacking Edward Snowden’s character with an amateur understanding of mental health medicine not only distracts from the the secret mass surveillance of U.S. citizens, it also further marginalizes an already highly stigmatized portion of our society.


Sharpton’s Partisan Politics

Civil rights activist, MSNBC host and Obama cheerleader

How does it serve the black community when one of its most prominent spokespersons has "decided not to criticize the president about anything"?

While supporting the president and almost exclusively attacking the GOP and the Tea Party, Al Sharpton shields the president from accountability not only as a TV host, but as a representative of black America.


Media Laugh Off Criticism of Drug War

Journalists make pot jokes while victims suffer

Partnership for a Drug-Free America's famous 1987 anti-drug ad

To those of a certain age, the image of eggs sizzling in a frying pan instantly evokes the Partnership For a Drug-Free America’s 1987 “this is your brain on drugs” ad. But any group that wanted to draw attention to drug use in the 1980s and ’90s didn’t really need to buy ad space; media coverage was already saturated with sensationalized reporting on crack cocaine and other drugs (Extra!, 9/92). This plentiful drug coverage served to support U.S. government policy, encouraging public embrace of a heavy-handed crack-down that began under President Richard Nixon and was expanded by Ronald Reagan. Government […]