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Jun 1 2006

The False Debate Over ‘Broken Borders’

When pro-business passes as pro-immigrant

Since 2005, much of the mainstream media has been rife with coverage of what has been called “immigration reform”—a policy debate over what kind of immigration legislation would be passed among a narrow range of options. One pole of the legislative debate was the McCain-Kennedy proposal, which would have created a temporary or “guest” worker program, followed by conditional and heavily delayed legalization of workers. The other was the Sensenbrenner Bill, passed by the House in December 2005, which would, among other harsh provisions, turn undocumented immigrants into felons and massively increase detentions and deportations. Either measure by itself would […]

May 1 2006

Birth of a Factoid

[Note: This piece is a sidebar to “The False Debate Over ‘Broken Borders’.”] Coverage of a recent study by Jeffrey Passel of the Pew Hispanic Center on undocumented immigrants in the United States (3/7/06) illustrates how facts are constructed in the immigration debate. The organization’s website states that the report provides “an estimate of 11.5 to 12 million [unauthorized migrants] as of March 2006,” based on a comparison of Census and Department of Homeland Security data combined with statistical projections. The three-page executive summary of the report—available on the web—prominently states that “some migrants in this estimate have legal authorization […]