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Jan 28 2016

‘The Most Epically, Horribly Bad Thing That Could Happen Under an Emergency Manager’

Chris Savage about the Flint, Michigan, water-poisoning

Michigan 2016: White and Colored drinking fountains

“It was basically an abridgement of democracy. It was taking away power from elected officials and handing it over to a single person who’s appointed by the governor, and that person made all of the decisions.”

Jan 15 2016

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Oregon Standoff Coverage

Boston Globe: Oregon standoff press conference

Some journalists have written excellent, thoughtful articles, and some have wasted wood pulp and bandwidth. Most early reporting sat between those extremes.

Jan 5 2016

Convincing the Young to Blame the Old, Not the Rich

Princeton students protest the honoring of Woodrow Wilson (photo Julio Cortez/AP)

Rather than talking about how the rich raise the cost of our healthcare, the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell wants us to be upset at seniors.

Jan 4 2016

How Media Turned Right-Wing ‘Willing to Kill’ Extremists Into Peaceful ‘Rancher’s Rights Protesters’

NBC: "Rancher's Rights Protesters Occupy Wildlife Refuge"

Of all extremist groups, the far right is consistently given the kindest news coverage in US corporate media. This weekend, the world witnessed a prime example of such friendly treatment in action. Armed far-right anti-government militants occupied a federal building in Oregon late on January 2 and announced they would remain there indefinitely. Although the armed occupation was ostensibly organized to protest the imprisonment of ranchers on arson charges, the ultra-conservative militants made it clear from the beginning that they were willing to use violence, and hoped to inspire a larger anti-government uprising. Major US media outlets ignored these basic […]

Dec 22 2015

‘The Tendency Is to Just Publish the Police Blotter’

CounterSpin interview with Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald cover-up

Jamie Kalven (image: YouTube via Poynter)

“We have in this society, around issues of race, an extraordinary ability to know things and not know things at the same time…. I think journalists have a critical role in sort of disabling…those strategies of denial.”

Dec 11 2015

‘A Woman’s Ability to Pay Her Bills Should Not Be Dependent on the Whims of Customers’

CounterSpin interview with Saru Jayaraman on the lower wage for tipped workers

Saru Jayaraman

“The restaurant industry and the Pullman train company…demanded the right to hire newly freed slaves and not pay them anything and let them live on customer tips.”

Dec 11 2015

Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald Cover-Up

Laquan McDonald autopsy

The video that belied the official story of the police killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, along with an autopsy that also showed police’s initial story to be false, eventually came to light through the work of journalists—but not mainstream journalists;

Nov 27 2015

Saru Jayaraman on Outlawing the Tipped Minimum Wage

Restaurant worker (cc photo: Daveblog)

There’s a movement to outlaw the “tipped wage” — the idea that a minimum wage of $2.13 is OK, because waitstaff get enough in voluntary tips to make up for it.