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Sep 1 2004

I’m Not a Leftist, But I Play One on TV

Progressives excluded as right battles center

In a July appearance on CNN ‘s Paula Zahn Now , conservative pundit John Fund inadvertently captured the absurd state of American television debate as he faced off with centrist columnist Matthew Miller: Matt and I both agree that gay marriage is a mistake for slightly different reasons. Such debates, spanning the spectrum from A to B, are a television staple. But the narrowness of these pundit mismatches isn’t random. Though such debate segments purport to pit right against left, centrist pundits are routinely substituted for the left on panels, while progressives are often excluded altogether. Debates matching conservatives with […]

Sep 1 2004

Not Even the New Republic

The New Republic: Liberalism and American Power

For decades, journalists and pundits have invoked the New Republic magazine to prove that a conservative idea has support across the spectrum. Drawing on the magazine’s historical association with the American left, the phrase “even the New Republic,” as in “even the New Republic supports the Contras,” has become journalistic shorthand for “even liberal opinion leaders.” Thus media writer Howard Kurtz (Washington Post , 6/19/04) began a recent “Media Notes” column: “Ever since the New Republic broke with liberal orthodoxy by strongly supporting President Bush’s war with Iraq….” He went on to describe the magazine as a “left-leaning weekly.” Once […]