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Jul 13 2000

And Now, an All-New Episode of ‘Media Jeopardy!’

Welcome back to “Media Jeopardy!” Rest assured that there’s never a shortage of fascinating material. The rules are unchanged: Consider the answer, and then try to come up with the correct question. Let’s get started! Today’s first category is “TV Follies.” The Alliance for Better Campaigns found that television stations in the country’s biggest 75 media markets, reaching about four-fifths of the population, aired 151,267 of these during the first four months of 2000. What are political ads? According to researchers, at least this much money will end up being spent for this year’s campaign TV commercials in the United […]

May 1 1994

Scouts Without Compasses

An NPR Reporter on the 'Disinformation Trap' in Former Yugoslavia

Covering the disintegration of Yugoslavia has often forced reporters to act as scouts without compasses in a completely unknown terrain. Reporters have had to wade through the complex cultural, historical and political geography of these conflicts. And very few had the necessary instruments. With the end of the Cold War, a whole set of principles of analysis had become useless, and reporters had to confront new problems that most of them had never explored before, such as ethnic self-assertion, tribalism, religious conflicts and the rights and limits to self-determination. The Cold War had accustomed generations of reporters to analyze world […]