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Dec 1 1992

Family Leave Debate Leaves Families Out

News reports in September on the Senate’s vote to override George Bush’s veto of the Family Leave Bill focused primarily on one question: Did this help or hurt the president? “Congress Bruises Bush,” reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune (9/25/92), concluding that the legislative attempt to mandate unpaid maternity and family emergency leave was a setback for the president. On the other hand, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (9/25/92) suggested that while the veto might touch off accusations that Bush has “betrayed his family values,” the President could use a House failure to override “to show he can still flex his […]

Aug 1 1992

Abortion Coverage Leaves Women out of the Picture

As a background graphic for reports on abortion, TV has sometimes used a depiction of a late-term fetus hanging in space, with no connection to a pregnant woman. The “floating fetus” logo is in sync with the media’s tendency to push women out of the public’s mental picture of the abortion issue. In recent years, national media have heavily covered the issue of abortion. In 1989 and 1990, close to 1500 articles on abortion appeared in major dailies; the weeklies — Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report — have featured stories on abortion more regularly than any other social […]

May 1 1991

Extra! May/June 1991

Articles in the print edition Press Ignores the Obvious in U.S. Energy Policy by Daniel Lazare Peter Panomics Happy talk on the recession by Doug Henwood The Tyranny of the Media Correct The assault on “the new McCarthyism” by Laura Fraser The “Myth” of Racism Integrity at Risk at PBS Elvis’ UFO Baby Exposes “Earth Day” Killers! Back From the Brink Battered Women Take a Beating From the Media by Tiffany Devitt and Jennifer Downey What Is a Crisis? Who’s the Victim The Return of Shirley Christian Pinochet apologist comes back to Central America By Mark Cook Brutality Coverage: “Thornburgh […]

Mar 1 1991

Extra! March/April 1991

Articles in the print edition The Representation of Women in the News Media by Susan J. Douglas Abortion Coverage Leaves Women Out of the Picture by Tiffany Devitt Lesbian Invisibility in the Media by Karin Schwartz Smoking as Liberation The tobacco industry targets women by Jean Kilbourne Pro-Smoking Censorship in Women’s Magazines by Wellness Letter All the Women Fit to Print A day in the life of the New York Times by Laura Fraser “Like a Kick in the Stomach” Gender Bias in Televised Sports by Margaret Carlisle Duncan Teen Magazines: Selling Lip Gloss, Sex and Anorexia by Elizabeth Larsen […]

Aug 1 1990

Extra! Special Issue on Labor, Summer 1990

Articles in the print edition Lost in the Margins Labor and the Media by Jonathan Tasini 8 Media Stereotypes About Unions by Jonathan Tasini In Their Own Words: Veteran Labor Reporters Talk About Labor Coverage by Jonathan Tasini The Labor Press: Glasnost Needed by Jonathan Tasini The Great Labor Stories the Media are Missing by Jonathan Tasini Media Owners as Union-Busters by Norman Solomon and Martin A. Lee No Place for Labor on PBS? “Public” TV’s Elite Market by Doug Henwood A Call to Media Activism: Interview with FAIR’s Jeff Cohen The Media Love Labor… When They’re Fighting Environmentalists by […]