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Sep 9 2015

Iran’s ‘Nuclear Ambitions’ Go Unquestioned in Coverage of Iran Deal Momentum

John Kerry (photo: Matt Slocum/AP)

Corporate media coverage of Democratic support for the Iran deal is leaving out at least one crucial detail: the lack of evidence that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb.

Nov 1 2008

Letters to the Editor

Where Is Nader? I’ve been reading Extra! for about 10 years now; picking it up at newsstands, browsing it in area stores, recommending it to family and friends, and subscribing as well. One thing in particular has been bothering me lately about your publication. If you’re so committed to unbiased and fair coverage of the issues, then why has there been no more than the faintest peep from your publication regarding Ralph Nader’s campaign for president? How serious can you possibly be about your focus issues—“corporate ownership [!!], advertiser influence, official agendas, telecommunications policy, the PR industry, pressure groups, the […]

Nov 1 2001

The New Blacklist

The nation's largest radio network's list of 'questionable' songs

As rescue workers tirelessly searched the rubble of the Pentagon and World Trade Center, one casualty went unnoticed: a nation’s freedom of speech. In later years, September 11 may also come to be seen as the day the music died. In the wake of the tragedy, the doorway is open for opponents of free speech to trample dissident voices and narrow the parameters of what can be discussed in art and music. In the days following the terrorist attack, the media monopoly that is Clear Channel walked through this doorway. Clear Channel is a multi-tentacled corporation that owns over a […]

Feb 6 2001

Support Grows for Dissenting Pacifica Board Members

Amid a crisis that threatens the future of the Pacifica Radio Network, more than 80 prominent progressives have rallied in support of the six dissidents on the Pacifica Foundation’s board. These board members want Pacifica‘s national leadership to reverse course on its takeover of WBAI, and to “build democratic decision-making structures throughout Pacifica.” A statement supporting the dissenting board members (below) was signed by the Local Advisory Board chairs of four of Pacifica‘s five stations and by former Pacifica staffers and board members, as well as by political figures, community leaders, journalists, artists and academics. These include Dennis Brutus, Noam […]

Oct 28 1999

Prominent Progressives Suggest New Board Members for Pacifica Radio

A group of 11 well-respected figures from the public interest community—most with many years of connection to Pacifica Radio—have declared their readiness to join the Pacifica board as a group in an effort to establish a new beginning for the nonprofit radio network. The 11 individuals, a sort of “board-in-waiting,” are from the fields of journalism, education, law and public interest activism. This approach to establishing fresh leadership and a fresh start for Pacifica is endorsed by over a dozen nationally known progressive figures in media, the arts and progressive advocacy, including talk radio host Jim Hightower, TV/film producer Michael […]