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Nov 1 1993

News Flash: Poor Mothers on Crime Spree!

“PrimeTime goes undercover to investigate welfare fraud, and the mess of a system that entices people to break the rules and gouge the taxpayers,” Diane Sawyer announced last year, introducing a segment of ABC‘s PrimeTime Live (9/17/92). “With so much money up for grabs,” Sawyer declared, “investigators in the field say it’s even better than robbing a bank.” One bandit rolling in cash was “Mary,” a single mother on welfare who secretly worked two part-time jobs. “Mary” thereby netted approximately $16,000 a year, a figure even Sawyer seemed to acknowledge was hard to live on. Nevertheless, the PrimeTime host scolded […]

Apr 1 1993

New York Times on Immigrants

Give Us Your Healthy, Wealthy and 24-Hour Nannies

The controversy over attorney general nominees Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, both of whom had to withdraw after acknowledging that they had hired undocumented immigrants to care for their children, elicited a wide response in the media, particularly in the pages of the New York Times. “It’s Gender, Stupid,” was the headline of an Anthony Lewis column (2/8/93) that proclaimed, “It is time to stop snickering about the politics of all this and understand the real issue, bias against women.” An entire New York Times op-ed page (2/10/93) was devoted to analyzing “Nannygate” as a women’s issue. The discussion raised […]

Dec 1 1992

Family Leave Debate Leaves Families Out

News reports in September on the Senate’s vote to override George Bush’s veto of the Family Leave Bill focused primarily on one question: Did this help or hurt the president? “Congress Bruises Bush,” reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune (9/25/92), concluding that the legislative attempt to mandate unpaid maternity and family emergency leave was a setback for the president. On the other hand, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (9/25/92) suggested that while the veto might touch off accusations that Bush has “betrayed his family values,” the President could use a House failure to override “to show he can still flex his […]