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Aug 30 2012

2010 FAIR Sustainers

Your generous donations have topped the goal for our year-end fundraising! We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming show of support. In 2011 we’ll keep fighting corporate media misinformation…thanks to you! If your name was missed, or if you wish to be removed from the list, please contact FAIR Watchdog $1000+ Matt Clark Warren Habib Francis Hagan Michael Protzel FAIR Gadfly $500-999 Judith Belzer & Michael Pollan The Bungie Foundation Xan Gregg Stephen Hillyer Roger Myers Kathleen Naureckas Chris Orr Peter Sills David Suisman Peter Thompson FAIR Advocate $250-499 Joani Blank Jonathan Breslau Alan Carlson Mary Cleveland Thomas Cramp […]

Aug 30 2012

Recommended Reading

Note: FAIR encourages readers to support their local independent booksellers. However, if books mentioned on our site are not available in your area, we offer the ability to purchase some books online in association with the book’s publisher, and Powell’s Books. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women By Susan Faludi (Crown, 1991) An in-depth, well-documented analysis of the media backlash against feminism. By Invitation Only: How the Media Limit Public DebateBy David Croteau and William Hoynes (Common Courage, 1994) Incorporates Croteau and Hoynes’ classic studies of Nightline, the NewsHour and PBS that document the establishment bias of "prestige" television. […]

Apr 20 2009

Index: A

—————— Aarons, Leroy Beyond balance: thorough coverage of gay controversies is still the exception (Ott), 1-2/02;27 Abbas, Mahmoud Nixed signals [when Hamas hinted at peace, U.S. media didn’t take the message] (Ackerman), 9-10/06;10 ABC. see also Nightline ABC does “something useful” [programs on poor children], 11-12/91;19 ABC erased protesters [at the Oscars], 6/99up;3 ABC News goes for the gold, 9/92;16 ABC’s 1984 cover-up for the gipper, 3-4/90;15 ABC’s antiwar “reality check”: world news tonight minimizes support for withdrawal (Hart and Naureckas), 10/05up;4 ABC’s military analyst calls for “excessive force”: CSIS’s cordesman advocates brutality against Palestinians (Ackerman), 1-2/01;23 ABC’s one-color TV, […]

Jun 8 2006

CPB Funding Threatened…Again

Time to fight for an independent funding source

On June 7, Congressional Republicans launched their latest assault on public broadcasting when a House Appropriations subcommittee voted to cut $115 million from the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The cuts would affect PBS, NPR and other non-commercial media like Pacifica Radio. The latest GOP attack is a reminder that without fundamental changes in the way it is funded, public broadcasting will continue to be vulnerable to the political whims of Congress. This is the second time in less than nine months that the GOP has attempted to slash the CPB budget. As FAIR pointed out the last […]

Feb 1 2006

Consider the Source

The Nightline study and media research

I first became acquainted with FAIR in 1987, when a friend handed me a special issue of Extra! (10-11/87) that described the distortions in U.S. news coverage of Nicaragua, highlighting the success of the Reagan administration at manipulating the news media. At the time, I was a grad student in sociology at Boston College, and was working on a study of media strategies of the Central America solidarity movement and exploring broader questions about how news media reported U.S. foreign policy. With Cold War assumptions shaping both the political debate on Capitol Hill and mainstream news coverage of U.S. involvement […]

Oct 1 2005

Time to Unplug the CPB

Replace corrupt board with independent trust

Veterans of the battles over public broadcasting know the script by now: Right-wing Republicans denounce NPR and PBS for being too “liberal,” threatening to cut their federal funding. Public broadcasting’s defenders rally to “save” Big Bird and the like. The difference this time around, though, is significant. The right-wing Republican is not a politician per se. He’s Kenneth Tomlinson, chair of the government-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and thus the man in charge of distributing federal dollars to public broadcasters. Tomlinson’s charges about the liberal bias of public broadcasting coincided with a congressional attempt to make deep cuts in […]

Sep 2 1999

Mass Media: Hatred Of American Labor?

No matter how nice it may be, ritual coverage of Labor Day doesn’t begin to make up for routine media themes the rest of the year. We’re accustomed to a negative spin about American labor. In other contexts, we might recognize those themes as signs of implicit bias, outright prejudice or even bigotry. For instance: Most of them are fine as individuals. But as a group, they’ve got to know their place. Otherwise, they could gain control and undermine our country. News accounts may portray workers as admirable — but when they struggle in an organized way, in solidarity with […]

Sep 1 1999

Public Television?

A FAIR Fact Sheet on PBS Programming

For over a decade, conservatives in Congress have threatened to cut or eliminate funding for public broadcasting because of its supposed “liberal bias.” Since then, corporate funding of public television has increased markedly. These pressures have inspired a rightward shift in public television’s programming– FAIR studies have consistently found that the sources, hosts and guests on public television news and public affairs shows overwhelmingly represent corporate and conservative interests, while the voices of women, people of color, labor, environmentalists, consumer advocates, the lesbian, gay and bisexual community, and other public interest constituencies are marginalized. Evidence of this rightward bias is […]