A Special FAIR Report-- "The Most Biased Name in News: Fox News Channel Extraordinary Right-Wing Tilt

A Special FAIR Report

The Most Biased Name in News: Fox News Channel's Extraordinary Right-Wing Tilt

Fox News Channel wraps itself in slogans of journalistic objectivity like "Fair and balanced" and "We report, you decide," but FAIR has found a dramatic right-wing tilt in the network's news. Our report, published in the August 2001 issue of Extra!, is in three parts:

You can also read the press release.

FAIR's Fox News Channel project was researched by Seth Ackerman, Peter Hart and Steve Rendall, and edited by Jim Naureckas. FAIR founder and former executive director Jeff Cohen, who appears regularly as a commentator on Fox News Channel, was not involved with the planning, writing or editing of this project, nor did he provide any internal information about the network.