Internship Program

FAIR has openings each semester for volunteer student interns interested in media research, publicity, editorial and radio production. Interns have opportunities to develop writing, research and public relations skills, and to acquire broad knowledge of both corporate and independent media.

Students with an educational background in the social sciences, particularly political science, will benefit greatly from an internship with FAIR. Other students well suited to this work come from public administration and journalism programs.

Each intern is assigned to a specific staff member who will supervise his or her work, and establish educational goals based on the intern’s interests and abilities. FAIR interns are exposed to an atmosphere of well-informed individuals who stimulate analytical thinking, while providing opportunities for socially relevant research.

Responsibilities vary according to position, but may include working FAIR’s newsletter Extra!, helping with CounterSpin (our nationally syndicated radio program), research, Web support, media-monitoring and administrative tasks. Skills useful in meeting these tasks include word-processing, data entry, electronic communications, on-line research and public speaking.

Interns work at FAIR’s office in New York City for a minimum of 12 hours per week during the school year and 15 hours per week in the summer or intercession. Students who wish to obtain course credit will have our full cooperation in meeting institutional requirements.

FAIR internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

If you’re interested, please print and fill out the internship application form.
For more information, please email Deborah Thomas at dthomas (at) fair (dot) org.