Wall Street Is Main Street, People!

CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo appeared on Hardball last night (9/30/08) urging passage of the federal Wall Street bailout. You may not know this about her, but she really doesn’t give a crap about Wall Street firms (despite a 15-year history of relentless touting)–she only cares about the little people:

BARTIROMO: But, instead, it’s about banks across the country being able to give the guy who needs a home loan a loan, give the gal who wants a car loan a loan, give the person who needs a home equity loan a loan, all that. That’s all this is about, not about bailing out Wall Street firms.

It’s all part of the corporate pundit class’s enduring campaign of uplift for the little people. The same campaign that brought you such timeless hits as Corporate taxes are bad because they are just passed along to little people and Bailouts of the little people through welfare are bad because they make little people dependent has a new tune: Bailouts of billionaire firms are really bailouts of little people (which are usually bad, but acceptable in this case).

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