The 2nd National Pundits vs. Public Debate

Calling the New York Times out for contributing to another “Pundit/Viewer Divide” on debate performances, Editor & Publisher‘s Greg Mitchell writes (10/3/08) of how Adam Nagourney “was among those who seemed to give it to Palin slightly, and some hailed Palin’s ‘knockout’ performance”:

One problem: virtually all of the surveys afterward, by CBS, CNN and others, gave it to Biden, and easily. They also showed very few, if any, gains for Palin on the index of being “ready” to be president, which presumably was her main goal in the debate. The CNN poll, for example, found “on the question of the candidates’ qualifications to assume the presidency, 87 percent of the people polled said Biden is qualified while only 42 percent said Palin is qualified.”

This seemed like an instant replay of the first Obama/McCain debate, when analysts swore it was even but polls showed voters giving it to Obama by a wide margin. Since then he has continued to widen his standing in national polls.