‘Drunken Optimism and Blind Nationalism’

Providing a platform for the outstanding journalism of U.S. corporate media undesirable Robert Parry, the Real News is running a multi-part commentary on the consequences of “drunken optimism and blind nationalism” in the United States. In Part 3 (10/6/08), Parry discusses the big media role in the “divorcing of the American people from objective reality” back in the Reagan presidency:

We had that kind of problem, where the public could no longer rely on its news media to give it the accurate story because there was so much pressure placed on that news media and on the people otherwise responsible for bringing the information out. So the American people turned more and more to kind of being affected by their emotions. And I think the neoconservatives in particular understood how effective that could be. For instance, if you want to rally people to get upset about the first Persian Gulf War, you don’t really talk about economics. You don’t even talk about oil. You talk about Saddam Hussein’s forces taking babies off incubators and throwing them on the ground, even if that’s made up.

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