The Thriving Failure of News Punditry

Salon‘s media blogger Glenn Greenwald gives a fresh example (10/7/08, ad-viewing required) of news pundits failing up in corporate media:

Two weeks ago, Dick Morris was running around proclaiming McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and make the bailout happen as a “brilliant move” that would pay off “big time” for McCain because he would be viewed as the bailout’s prime mover by a grateful public. A mere two weeks later, with McCain continuing to plummet in the polls, Morris today just blithely announces in his column that McCain’s woes are due to his awful decision to suspend his campaign and involve himself in the unpopular bailout–and never bothers to mention or even acknowledge that it was Morris himself who, at the time, was breathlessly hailing the move as “brilliant” strategic choice that would be the centerpiece to McCain’s imminent victory.

That Dick Morris is a buffoon is hardly news, but… for people who watch Fox News and read the New York Post, he’s considered to be one of America’s foremost political analysts. A potent reflection of our predominant political culture is the fact that people like Dick Morris can not only exist, but thrive within it.