Environmentalists’ Money No Good at ABC

Ecology blog LiveGaia posts another entry (10/8/08) in the annals of corporate media’s poor advertising ethics:

Last night in America, after the presidential debate the ads shown were as follows. ABC had Chevron. CBS had Exxon. CNN had the coal lobby. But you know what happened last week? ABC refused to run WeCanSolveIt’s Repower America ad–the ad that takes on this same oil and coal lobby.

The Repower America ad has a clear and simple message–that massive spending by oil and coal companies on advertising is a key reason our nation hasn’t switched to clean and renewable sources for our energy. As oil and coal backed groups outspend even major party committees in this political year, it’s outrageous that ABC would deny our ad.

The message ends with an urgent request that you “let ABC know what you think. Just click here.”