Children’s Health as Celebrity Catfight

Having found the issue “quite… complex” when facing it herself as a parent, Veronica Arreola of Women In Media & News writes (10/8/08) that “the debate over vaccines is a serious issue and does not deserve to be sexualized” as in this Chicago Tribune lede (10/3/08): “Former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy and actress Amanda Peet are publicly feuding over the safety of childhood vaccines. Who says there’s nothing sexy about inoculations?” Arreola reads on:

After some serious discussion about the issue, Peet, a mom who decided to vaccinate and believes in it versus McCarthy, a mom with an autistic son who believes that vaccinations are the cause, the Tribune ends with another jab at sexuality:

Too bad the Wall Street bailout debate is devoid of celebrity combatants. Just imagine how spicy it would be if Heidi Klum was ripping Kate Hudson for her stance on credit default swaps.


I somehow doubt that if two Hollywood dads were feuding over something I doubt that it would be sexualized. There is enough drama surrounding the debate to on whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, whether vaccines causes autism, and how much we can trust medical societies.