Election Nights of Past Bode Ill for Media

With the presidential election fast approaching, Uncounted documentarian Mary Mancini uses her film’s blog (10/10/08) to give us “a little history from the year 2000–to remind us why we need to keep our eyes and ears open this November 4. . . and beyond”:

We’re still not ready for a close election. . . . The media will rush to report the returns and will use talking points to conveniently explain unusual results….For some elected and appointed officials, ideology and partisanship trump democracy and country.â┚¬Ã‚¦ Disenfranchisement is systemic and systematicâ┚¬Ã‚¦. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go to ensure that every vote is counted, and counted as cast.

The accompanying clip solidly backs Mancini’s assertions with a review of the shameful corporate media performance on Election Night 2000.

See FAIR’s magazine Extra!: Who Won the Election? Who Cares?: Florida Recount Consortium Muffles Results of Months of Efforts (1-2/02) by Miranda Spencer