NPR Blames Iraqi Deaths on Iran, Kuwait – & Iraq

A reader of the NPR Check blog flags a troubling passage from the October 1 All Things Considered: “Some estimates put the number of widows in Iraq at 1 million–women who’ve lost their husbands to Iraq’s endless succession of wars: Iran/Iraq, the invasion of Kuwait, the recent civil war.” Public radio watchdog Mytwords (10/5/08) isn’t sure

if the omission of any mention of U.S. responsibility for the widow tragedy of Iraq is the work of [quoted reporter Lourdes] Garcia-Navarro or of an editor–but it is outrageous (and typical for NPR). One could argue that at least NPR is reporting on the human cost of the war, but if that illegal, aggressive war of invasion isn’t even mentioned as one of the causes of the problems, then how much value can such a report have?

Citing other, more honest reportage, Mytwords can only conclude that “it takes a conscious effort to leave out a mention of U.S. culpability when talking about the massive numbers of widows in Iraq.”