Hoover Haunts the Press

The AP files a chapter (10/11/08) in the long story of government surveillance of critical reporters like muckraking columnist Jack Anderson:

Documents turned over to the Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act almost three years after Anderson’s death include copies of his columns with critical notes in the margins, summaries of his movements while under surveillance, and FBI memos detailing efforts to find his sources who leaked information from deep inside government agencies.

The leaks fueled Anderson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning column, Washington Merry-Go-Round, and helped him produce stories on scandals including Watergate and the arms-for-hostages deal known as Iran-Contra. Anderson’s muckraking style… earned him a spot on President Nixon’s enemies list, inspired Republican operatives to plot his murder, and caused heartburn in Hoover’s office at the FBI.

It’s a good thing those days are behind usright?