Public ‘Much Tougher Sell Than Corporate Media’

Expanding on her blog post of October 8, FAIR Communications Director Isabel Macdonald details (Common Dreams, 10/13/08) “one small glitch” in “the Obsession campaign‘s marketing plan [that] has been quite slick”:

The public doesn’t seem to be buying it. Newspapers that carried the DVD have faced floods of complaints from readers, and the past week has seen protests and press conferences denouncing the film. The problem, it would appear, is that many readers simply do not accept the notion their newspaper should provide a cover for hate propaganda.… The public, it turns out, is a much tougher sell than the corporate media. Major corporate media outlets have for years been citing the anti-Muslim pundits featured in Obsession as “experts.”

Macdonald wants to know: “Will the media continue to provide a platform to the anti-Muslim smear machine, or will they uphold standards of responsible journalism?”