The ‘Racial Subtext’ of Campaign Smears

Writing of FAIR’s new Smearcasters report on the Washington City Paper‘s website (10/13/08), Bobby Allyn finds that “searching U.S. newspapers on Lexis Nexis for ‘Obama,’ ‘Muslim’ and ‘smear’ generates 509 unique hits.” Allyn continues:

There have been plenty of reports debunking the Obama Muslim allegation, but not enough about the racial subtext of “smearing” a politician for being Muslim. FAIR’s senior analyst Steve Rendall told Brooke Gladstone on On the Media: “If someone was accused of being a secret Jew, weâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢d have a discussion not only about the fact of the matter, but one about anti-Semitism in the campaign. The second part is not happening in this case.”