On the ‘Repetition of Wildly Exaggerated Allegations’

Andrew Burmon of Salon reports on corporate media-facilitated “voter fraud hysteria” like the New York Post‘s Ken Blackwell op-ed–“yes, the former Ohio secretary of state of 2004 election infamy–warn[ing of] radical groups sending the nation into a protracted legal battle even worse than the mess back in 2000.” Burmon features (10/15/08, ad-viewing required) Barnard College professor Lori Minnite exposing

the repetition of wildly exaggerated allegations about ACORN’s “criminality” by people like Michelle Malkin, a right-wing blogger; John Fund, who’s been attacking ACORN for years from his vantage as a Wall Street Journal columnist; and Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative so devoted to Nixonian dirty tricks that he’s tattooed an image of Nixon’s face on his back. His blog, by the way, is sponsored by the same law firm that launched a phony voter fraud attack on ACORN in Florida during the last presidential election.

Listen to FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin: Wendy Weiser on Voter Suppression (10/3/08)