Schieffer’s Softball Style

Just in time for Bob Schieffer’s hosting of the final 2008 U.S. presidential debate, Brad Jacobson has republished (10/15/08) his May 6 MediaBloodhound blog post critiquing Schieffer’s Bush administration record, “which has treaded between muted criticism and outright fawning”:

Throughout his January 2006 interview with Bush, Schieffer responded “Um-hmm” and “Okay” and jarringly changed topics when the president’s absurd answers demanded further inquiry. His misplaced deference lent credence to Bush’s specious, unconstitutional explanations on everything from wiretaps, speaking with our enemies, the state of Iraq, Katrina, healthcare and energy independence. Moreover, Schieffer’s final three questions were embarrassing softballs: “Has the presidency changed you, Mr. President?”; “What has been the worst part?”; and “What has been the impact on your family?”

For just one Schieffer lowlight, see FAIR’s Action Alert: CBS’s One-Sided DeLay Discussion: All-Republican Panel Discusses a ‘Republican Problem’ (10/4/05)