Down the Road From the Debate

The American News Project (10/16/08) bucks corporate journalists’ obsession with largely substanceless campaign politics by filming “people outside of the media spotlight, people hit hard by our nation’s crises at home and abroad”:

For the third and final presidential debate, a horde of journalists and pundits… descend… on Hempstead, New York, and focus their attention on what happens on this stage on Hofstra University…. But just down the road on Main Street, ANP focused on the faces and voices of those who’ll not share the limelight.

Videojournalists Steven Greenstreet and Konrad Aderer proceed to interview struggling mechanics, homeowners fallen victim to predatory lending schemes and parents of slain U.S. soldiers–all too realistic manifestations of the abstractions Bob Schieffer and co. let the debaters distort and misrepresent.