Immigration as a ‘Women’s Issue’

First-time film director Michelle Garcia discovers (Women In Media & News, 10/13/08) how sexism affects media images of such underreported issues as the U.S. government “denying passports to Mexican-American–CITIZENS–whose birth were attended to by midwives”:

[WIMN editor Jennifer L. Pozner] mentions the images and voices contained in the piece are not often widely seen. After we–my all-female team–wrapped up shooting, my director of photography, Carmen Vidal, told me that a mere 5 PERCENT of top feature films are shot by women. I probably would never have understood the significance of this statistic if I had not directed a shoot–the relationship/vibe between the director and the D.P. is critical, because as a filmmaker you are entrusting your vision to their eyes.

Garcia writes that she “came away from the experience wondering if more women were involved in telling the border stories, if immigration and border security were a ‘women’s issue,’ would what we see be different?”