Schieffer’s Debate: ‘Cut, Cut, Cut!’

Proclaiming that, when moderating the last U.S. presidential debate, CBS‘s “Bob Schieffer lived up to his reputation,” activist David Swanson (Media With Conscience, 10/15/08) says “this debate was another awful one, and intentionally so. Dumb questions on dumb topics.” Some of Swanson’s blow by blow:

Bob Schieffer demands that both candidates commit to cutting programs. Obama claims we’ll get our $700 billion back if he’s president, not that Schieffer even asked. Obama says he’ll cut Medicare subsidies to health insurance companies….

Schieffer: Cut, cut, cut! What programs will you cut?…

Obama just praised McCain for opposing torture…. I… screamed that McCain has supported torture! Schieffer didn’t say a word to correct this, of course.

Eventually, noticing that “Schieffer now turned to the important topic of abortion,” Swanson becomes even more exasperated: “Isn’t there a war or two? Is there? I’m so confused.”