Most Quoted – Though Not Here

The most quoted intellectual in the entire world, Noam Chomsky, happens to live in the United States–but in order to have his say about the upcoming U.S. presidential election he must go to a non-corporate Canadian outlet (Real News, 10/20/08), where he suggests “voting against McCain, which means voting for Obama–without illusions”:

It’s not that the Democrats represent public opinion–they don’t–in fact, like the Republicans, they’re pretty well to the right of public opinion on a host of major issues, including those of most importance to the public. In fact what’s happening now–it’s interesting it’s not being discussed–…it tells you a lot about American democracy: For years, decades in fact, one of the leading concerns, if not the top concern, of the public has been the healthcare system. Which is understandable. It’s a total catastrophe.

See FAIR’s magazine Extra!:Media on Healthcare: Saying What They Don’t Mean” (1-2/08) by Janine Jackson