‘Anti-Hispanic Rhetoric Growing’ via MSM

Via the Southern Poverty Law Center’s HateWatch, the Tucson Citizen‘s Anne T. Denogean says (10/14/08) it “isn’t too surprising” that the Pew Hispanic Center’s polling found, among other disturbing results, “one in seven Hispanics said they had trouble finding or keeping a job because of their ethnicity. One in 10 reported that their ethnicity made it difficult to find or keep housing.” Under the headline “Anti-Hispanic Rhetoric Growing,” Denogean places in context media figures’ own complicity, and even active participation, in this spreading racism:

What has happened, [Immigration Policy Center director Angela Kelley] said, “is that some folks are taking advantage of the frustration that the public feels and stoking hate and fears.” Hate groups and hate crimes targeting Hispanics and immigrants are on the rise, she said, an assertion backed up by the research of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League and FBI hate-crime statistics. The Immigration Policy Center has taken note of the spread of anti-Hispanic rhetoric from hard-core white supremacists and border-state extremists to supposedly mainstream anti-immigration activists, media pundits and politicians.

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