Chase Corporations ‘Out of the Education Business’

After “more than a decade” of having “attempted to cast a light on… ‘that curriculum of the corporation, by the corporation and for a corporation’s profits… [which] shall indeed hasten the rate of destruction of the earth’s resources,'” John F. Borowski offers instruction (Common Dreams, 10/20/08) to

Journalists: Expose the agenda of this corrosive curriculum. Enlighten and motivate citizens to action. Parents: Demand that corporate America be tarred and feathered and chased out of the education business…. That your children be given exciting, lifelong science learning…. Filmmakers: Make documentaries and “student friendly” visuals that document mountain-top removal, extinction of species, peak oil, the insanity of an economic system that is based on devouring our own life support system. (We cannot depend on Viacom, General Electric and Disney to provide this on their corporate TV channels.)

In short, Borowski urges us all to do what we can to ensure “the ‘science of death’ has no place in our schools, our workplace or in our society.”