A ‘Minute-By-Minute’ Guide to Misinformation

As a new anti-“big government” documentary named IOUSA gets largely uncritical treatment from various newspapers around the U.S., the Center for Economic and Policy Research provides a typically valuable service in the form of a new report in which Dean Baker and David Rosnick give “a minute-by-minute viewers guide of the film to highlight potentially misleading assertions.” In the CEPR’s announcement (10/22/08), Baker says that,

while there are serious economic issues the nation needs to be concerned about, the views presented in IOUSA are misleading and one-sided…. The fact that ballooning healthcare costs are at the heart of our budget problem, not a Social Security program that will remain fully solvent through 2049 as implied in the movie, are just two examples of the misstatements found in the film….

The American public has a right to know the whole story behind our current economic conditions so that we’re not railroaded into making bad policy choices…. Unfortunately, IOUSA gives less than a full accounting of the issues at play.

Listen to FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin: Dean Baker on Social Security (10/5/07)