The ‘Painfully Obvious. . . Intellectual Exhaustion of. . . Televised Debates’

Opening with the observation: Ralph “Nader, an independent, and [Bob] Barr, a Libertarian, are both on the ballot in 45 states. What they aren’t on: TV,” Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald (10/21/08) gives props to a new FAIR release (10/21/08) that, in Garvin’s words,

raises another argument that deserves even greater consideration–that elections should be about ideas, and Barr and Nader would have injected some. The intellectual exhaustion of Barack Obama and John McCain was painfully obvious during their three televised debates. McCain is against waste in the Defense Department! (As if Obama favors it.) Obama wants to kill Osama bin Laden! (As if McCain doesn’t.)

Read the FAIR magazine Extra!: “Dubious Debates: How Media Moderators Lowered the Level of Election ’08” (7-8/08) by Jacqueline Bacon