Mayor Bloomberg ‘Just Another Strongman’

After quoting New York City Councilmember Charles Barron “offering the simplest route to continued democracy: Do nothing…. The people have spoken twice [against extending mayoral term limits] already. Why not just leave things as they are?”, Tom Robbins tells Village Voice readers (10/21/08) that

Barron’s simple questions were matched only by the New York Times‘ fearless editorial page. Alone of the city’s dailies, the Times refused to bend its principles. By changing the rules at this late date, the Times warned, the mayor “will tarnish his legacy and further weaken the systems of checks and balances that are essential to . . . democracy.”

Uh, wait. Sorry, wrong day. That was the Times in August lecturing President Álvaro Uribe of Columbia “lest he become just another strongman” by grabbing a third term in violation of his country’s constitution.

In reality, the Times editors on October 1 issued an incoherent defense of their publisher’s billionaire friend and his legacy-tarnishing and checks/balances-weakening.