Breaking Media’s Military Budget ‘Taboo’

David Swanson comments (OpEd News, 10/27/08) on Rep. Barney Frank “having just blurted out the obvious but taboo fact that the U.S. military budget must be cut”:

When a Congress member steps forward and courageously articulates a forbidden truth that is absolutely necessary for our survival and well-being (and by “our” I mean our species, not just our nation), he must be praised….

Frank has already been attacked by the only presidential candidate who, during each of the three debates, suggested cutting military spending: John McCain. Rather than pointing out this flip-flop, the corporate media can be expected to pile on Frank with accusations of endangering us all (which is the polite way of saying threatening the profits of some of the same corporations that control our communications system).

Though declaring “I haven’t been a fan of Congressman [Barney] Frank,” Swanson still thinks “we need to call the media and Congress in support of Frank’s proposal or an even saner one. Frank needs to know that we have his back.”

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