Ken Walsh vs. the Mystery Van

Award-winning U.S. News & World Report reporter Kenneth Walsh (11/10/08) joins in the media chorus urging Barack Obama and the Democrats to move to the right–for their own good, of course:

The initial indications are that Obama will start in the center…. One reason, Democratic advisers say, is that so many new members of Congress are centrists that the party won’t be able to hold its majority in 2010 if it lurches left with meddlesome social programs and vast new spending schemes.

“Meddlesome” is how the crooked real estate developer who hoped to buy the old amusement park for a song by pretending to be a ghost always describes the Scooby Doo kids. It almost sounds like Walsh is writing on behalf of the villains of the world: “I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for your meddlesome social programs!”

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