MSNBC’s Profane Zealot

Hearing Joe Scarborough utter “the phrase ‘fuck you’ when discussing Obama’s appointment of Rahm Emanuel” on MSNBC, Salon‘s Green Greenwald states (11/10/08, ad-viewing required) that he “couldn’t care any less”–except that he just can’t stomach the immense hypocrisy of “one of the most zealous crusaders against such awful filth on television”:

Scarborough led the lynch mob over the 2004 Janet Jackson halftime show on CBS–demanding that the FCC impose massive fines against CBS and MTV, among others–and has railed against “rock stars” and entertainers who use, as he used to call it (before this morning), “the F word.” Indeed, Scarborough even expressed outrage over the fact that the government would even consider refraining from imposing substantial fines on ABC when Bono, on a live awards show, used the “F word.”

Greenwald even traces Scarborough’s unrelenting “sanctimony” back to claims about his childhood–quoting the pundit having “boasted to his guest that his upbringing was so fine that he was taught not to use such words: ‘Robert, I’m glad to hear that you don’t use the words and you didn’t use them growing up. All I’ll say is, my mom put soap in my mouth more than once or twice.'”