Obama’s ‘Conservative’ Plan to ‘Soak the Rich’

The Media Matters staff has more (11/7/08) on the prominent press fallacy of “a ‘center-right’ country”:

In a November 7 Washington Times column, [Heritage Foundation president Ed] Feulner claimed that Obama “campaigned on conservative themes throughout the fall,” and that Obama “took some conservative positions on issues like taxes (promising to cut them).” Yet prior to the election, in an August 10 column, Feulner had claimed that by “unveil[ing] an economic plan that revolves around raising taxes on the wealthy,” Obama indicated that he “want[s] to go back to the policies of the 1970s.”… Feulner also asserted in the August column that “Mr. Obama promises to ‘soak the rich.'”

Media Matters contrasts this and many other examples of such nonsense with some crazy concept called “reality“:

These media figures ignore the central components of his platform, including repeal of tax cuts for the wealthy, near-universal healthcare coverage, and redeployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Democracy Corps, a Democratic polling group, released a poll on November 7 that showed strong support for the positions that Obama has articulated on these issues. The poll also included questions that provided a direct choice between the position taken by Obama on a given issue and that taken by Sen. John McCain…. For most questions that juxtaposed a clear progressive view with a clear conservative view, the progressive position was more popular.

See FAIR’s regrettably more-relevant-than-ever article in our magazine Extra!: “Move Over–Over and Over: Media’s Rightward Push for Democrats” (7-8/06) by Peter Hart & Steve Rendall