Obfuscating High Crimes

In his Unclaimed Territory feature at Salon (11/13/08, ad-viewing required), Glenn Greenwald has more on mainstream journalists’ affinity for those “urging the new Obama administration to avoid any investigations or prosecutions of Bush lawbreaking”:

This is what has been advocated by everyone from David Broder to top Obama adviser Cass Sunstein. There are few things more difficult than finding someone of prominence in the establishment that disagrees with this view….

Nobody believes that “policy differences” should be criminalized. That’s a strawman–an obfuscating term–erected by those who are defending presidential lawbreaking license without having the intellectual honesty to admit they’re doing that. This is about having laws in place that clearly and explicitly say that “X shall be a felony,” only to then watch as the President does X, and thereafter have our political establishment announce that it’s more important to avoid partisan anger than it is to hold high political officials accountable under the rule of law.

This contradiction is summed up nicely in Greenwald’s headline: “Post-Partisan Harmony vs. the Rule of Law.”

Corporate media gave the same counsel the last time a Democratic administration replaced a Republican one; see Extra!: “Iran/Contra: Sweep It Away” (3/93)