Right-Wing Media’s ‘Fairness’ Bogeyman

News Corpse blogger Mark Howard chronicles (11/12/08) how “pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, etc.” are not just “on the wrong side of public opinion in the recently concluded election,” but “are also losing listeners and viewers who are rapidly awakening to the dishonesty and hostility wafting through the conservative media’s airwaves”:

In a feat of denial, though, the conservative punditry is barreling headlong into a campaign of fear-mongering and frightful tales of censorship. They believe, and hope to persuade others, that Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress are surreptitiously plotting to reinstate the dreaded Fairness Doctrine that their hero, Ronald Reagan, vanquished 20 years ago. Should that happen, they say, their little ideological monopoly of the air will come crashing down. The main problem with their scare tactic is that there is neither substance nor truth in it.

Howard patiently explains that, “what’s more, Obama has explicitly stated his opposition to the Doctrine on multiple occasions.”

Which is too bad, actually. Read FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “The Fairness Doctrine: How We Lost It, and Why We Need It Back” (1-2/05) by Steve Rendall