NPR’s Gitmo-Friendly Sources

NPR Check‘s Mytwords finds it (11/13/08) particularly “telling that on the day after the release of a report on the ‘shattered lives‘ of released Guantanamo detainees,” National Public Radio‘s Morning Edition was “doing the awful work of convincing listeners that closing the prison camp will be a lot more complicated than they might have thought”:

Listen in vain to NPR‘s report for anyone mentioning torture, war crimes, violations of international law at Guantanamo. Conveniently, with such acts unmentioned, the issue of accountability and restitution never comes up. For [the segment’s reporter, Jackie] Northam, the only important issue is the difficulties that closing Guantanamo will present for the U.S. government, “specifically what to do with the roughly 250 prisoners still held at Guantanamo.”

To articulate the quandaries of the poor, befuddled U.S. government, who better to turn to than U.S. government/military insiders such as Scott Silliman… Commander Glen Sulmasy (of the Coast Guard Academy), and Matthew Waxman (of the Pentagon, State Department and Hoover Institution)?

Mytwords noticed just “one outsider” in the story, and he was only permitted “a very brief comment on favorable international attitudes to the new Obama administration.”

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