Delivering Transphobia

Calling herself “more of an ally than an activist for transgender people,” Veronica Arreola admits (Women In Media & News, 11/16/08) to “not being on top of each nuance of the movement” but still is aghast “at most of the media’s reaction to [Thomas] Beatie’s second pregnancy”:

It’s not the headlines that upset me; most of them have been fairly tame, like “Pregnant Man Expecting Again.” But it has been the delivery on local news broadcasts as well as cable news broadcasts…. One of my local news teams announced it and the anchorman said something like, “And you thought it wasn’t a weird day.” I saw the news listed on “weird news” on Twitter.

The most genuine “weird” question about Beatie’s second pregnancy…–why so soon? The answer appears obvious, he had to go off testosterone in order to get pregnant. The sooner he “finishes” having babies, the sooner he can get back to his hormones.

In Arreola’s eyes, “the only thing odd or weird is how someone’s personal decision between two adults on how to create a family stirs up other people’s transphobia.”

See FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Transforming Coverage: Transgender Issues Get Greater Respect–but Anatomy Remains Destiny” (11-12/07) by Julie Hollar