‘The Consequences of Leaving Hate Unchecked’‘s latest push for “media networks… to separate themselves from hate groups and hate speech” quotes (11/14/08) National Council of La Raza President Janet Murgui­a saying that, with a recent race-motivated Long Island murder, “we have been brutally reminded about the consequences of leaving hate unchecked”:

“The wave of hate that is seeping through our communities threatens the fabric of our nation and is costing lives. Americans will not be cowed by those trying to advance intolerance-we must stand up to the presence of hate groups and extremists” …Murgui­a added.

Just yesterday, Media Matters for America released a report, [“Women, Minorities, Autistic Children: Conservative Radio’s Vitriol Not Reserved for Obama“] which exposes attacks and generalizations made by some radio shock-jocks. The distortions made by some about immigrants and the Latino community have led to a growing climate of hate. FBI hate crime statistics show that attacks against Latinos have been on the rise over the past four years.

“Unfortunately, the climate that led to the tragic death of Marcello Lucero in Long Island is not new or anecdotal. Latinos have personally felt the impact of the wave of hate cloaked under the immigration debate,” said Murgui­a.

Watch WeCanStopTheHate’s excellent video “about the code words of hate and what your community can do to combat hate speech.”