‘Today’s Horror Story’ Just the Latest War Deception

Posting on Editor & Publisher‘s E&P Pub blog (11/17/08), Greg Mitchell has more on “Misleading Parents After Their Kids Are Killed in War”:

Battle fatalities are way down in Iraq, thank goodness (though not Afghanistan), but many U.S. troops are still passing away in “noncombat” ways, via accidents, friendly fire, suicides and so on. And in those cases, parents or spouses (and the press) are still often misled or lied to for days or weeks or months before the truth of how they died comes out–in the local press. Here is today’s horror story. R.I.P. Mason Lewis. They told his mom he died in a fall. Instead: “Army investigators discovered a poorly maintained bucket loader with no brakes and sluggish hydraulics, operated by an inexperienced crew, led to Mason’s death.”

Mitchell has closely followed such stories of U.S. military and press deception regarding casualties like Mason Lewis and Afghanistan “war hero” Pat Tillman for years now.

Listen to him on the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Greg Mitchell on Pat Tillman” (5/27/05)