Diversity = Credibility

Responding (11/13/08) to those “who would argue that the election of the first African-American president signaled the country has moved past the need to be concerned about racial equity,”‘s Dori J. Maynard writes that

it is true that some television networks put on air more African-American commentators during the campaign. Those additional voices, however, were not numerous enough to avoid the frequent appearance of all-white panels to discuss race relations. That lamentable pattern and other media missteps, such as a New York Times story on the shifting African-American landscape that did not quote any African-American sources, were vivid examples of why the traditional media’s reputation and credibility depend on their ability to diversify their ranks as quickly as possible.

How far back does this “lamentable pattern” go? See FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “A Different Race: The Black Press Reveals Gaps in Mainstream Election Coverage” (11-12/04) by Jacqueline Bacon